Monday, August 20, 2007

Wed Locks

Even though my husband and I were married by the State of NY in May, we have a wedding celebration coming up on Labor Day weekend. And no matter how much, which is to say little, we wish to buy into the business that is the American wedding, a girl's still gotta put on pretty clothes and make the mammas happy.

What this means is:

Groom -- Blue-and-white pinstripe seersucker suit.

Bride -- Yellow dress, blue shoes, and?

The wedding is 2 weeks away and there is still a big X factor in what to do about, zzzzzzz, of course, the hair. Up for sure. But how much up? I've let 2 stylists play with my hair for ideas. One gave me huge bottle curls, which she suggested I pin to the back of my head. But since the tangled-Slinkie look really wasn't what I had in mind for my casual, Brooklyn wedding, I met with another stylist who suggested I dangle a mass of ringlets on both sides of my face...which, by the way, I was told must be made-up with foundation, foundation powder, and a sprinkle of light foundation powder on top of that. Help!

As of today I am planning on doing my hair, and my make-up, myself. I'll amp up the mascara and blush, and maybe let a soft ringlet drop by my brow. But enough is enough! Shouldn't I just, like, be myself among my nearest and dearest? I mean, it's just a wedding. It's not like I'm getting married or anything....

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