Monday, August 20, 2007

Straightening Things Out ("Wranting," cont.)

So this is blogging?

Getting up at 6, pouring a cup of coffee from the new coffee maker (a wedding registry gift -- it self-times!), and sitting down to write.

About hair?

I don't know how long this wranting can last.

Ditto for my flat-ironed hair, now two days old.

And this morning it's raining -- krptonite for hibernating curls -- and frankly, dear reader, I'm ready to give up the goat. I always feel like I'm cheating, wearing a curtain of blown-out hair. Like someone is going to expose me for the wild, frizzy Jewish girl I really am. Then again, as YOU, dear husband know, there is something uniquely Jewish (textbook self-loathing aside) about all this hair nonsense indeed. Remember when you told me that my "straight" hair makes me look like I'm wearing a "sheitel," like our neighbors right here on the Lower East Side? Well, you and I have joked about my shaving my head after our wedding and Going Orthodox on you...just like your brother, G-d forbid!

But as you know, on a different, utterly godless and perhaps cosmetically inappropriate level, the head-shaving, minus the wig, idea appeals to me. Imagine my coworkers' faces when, post-honeymoon, they are greeted by Curl-Shorn Copy Director! Documenting their & others' reactions would make great storytelling on this very blog, hmm?

Or not.

To be continued.

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